21. The new Fox Kit

fox,kit,cub,portrait,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpesPast year I spent a rather short, but quite intense period, watching three fox kits growing up.
At least..that’s what I aimed at.

I was so happy when I found them and -as you can imagine-I pictured these beautiful endless summer evenings with cute furry fox kits play-fighting in nice warm summer light.

Like so often: the imagination is far better than reality.
The cubs were very elusive and therefore really hard to approach.
Two of them just hardly ever showed up and disappeared with the slightest movement.
I only saw them twice for a split second.
So far for the cute playing shoot.

And then about the light.
Although the weather forecasts predicted cold and rain, the sky seemed to open up, as soon as I arrived.
My very welcome dark clouds dissolved and were almost instantly replaced by a clear and cloudless blue sky. Nice if your intention is to tan, but not if you planned to make nice photos.

So there I was….in my rain suit, with my fur padded boots at 10 PM.
Because of the sun it quickly became scorching hot, which wasn’t pleasant for the overly dressed photographer.
But much worse: the harsh light made it impossible to take any decent photos.
And then I realised, I would have to wait another 10 hours for the light to finally become acceptable…sigh.

Oh well……forget about my rant: the one cub/ kit was utterly cute and I was glad I was able to spend some wonderful moments with him, his sweet mother and most lovely helping aunt.

fox,kit,cub,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes
The fox cubs elder sister from a previous litter helps raising the little kit.
fox,kit,cub,happy,sun light,bright,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes
A happy fox cub in – unfortunately -very harsh light
fox,kit,cub,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes,scolding,fight,arguing
Mother fox gives her cub a scolding
fox,kit,cub,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes,fly,insect,curious
Fox cub curiously watches a fly flying by
fox,kit,cub,young,vixen,greeting,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes
When mother and fox cub see each other after a period of absence, they greet each other.
fox,kit,cub,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes,grooming,affection,love,tenderness,interaction,caring,behaviour
Mother fox and fox cub grooming
fox,kit,cub,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes,grass,summer,evening,spring,light,back light,backlit
Fox kit in the grass
fox,kit,cub,young,young fox,red fox,vulpes vulpes,curious,tree
Curious young fox on a tree

13 thoughts on “21. The new Fox Kit

  1. Lovely blog, lovely photos, lovely writing. You are such an awesome person for keeping us updated with both pictures and stories :). Thank you very much!
    I”ll be eagerly waiting for your next updates ^^.

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