18. Foxes, Snow & National Geographic

fox snow winter playing flakes cold vulpes vulpesAs you might have noticed I have this thing for foxes, especially for foxes in the snow…

And now National geographic seem to like my fox in the snow as well, how cool is that?!
My photo was chosen by the National Geographic jury as one of the nominees in the National Geographic Photocontest 2012

For all people who happen to like my fox photos, or any person that just grants me a new camera….
All I need now is as many votes as I can get and maybe you guys will help me to win this so badly needed new cam…
My old one is about to retire and without a cam, I just wouldn’t know what to do…
So I hope you’ll forgive me for this ‘begging’ and don’t mind to help me out a little, just by lending me your vote….;)

1.Click my fox in the snow photo
2. Fill in your Name [Voornaam], Surname [Achternaam] & email [E-mailadres] (don’t be afraid for spamming, National Geographic has a reputation to uphold )
3. Click the Vote [stemmen] button
4. You will receive an email with a confirmation link
5. Click this link to confirm your vote (else it won’t work)
6. Voted
7 . Thanks so very much!!!!

And….promised….if I win this photo gear I’ll come back here to thank you all and of course many many many more (hopefully beautiful) photos guaranteed!!!

PS. If you have FaceBook, you can comment, like and or share it as well. This won’t count as a vote, but more people will be able to see it this way.

red fox snowing flakes cold winter storm vulpes vulpes
A Red Fox lying in a snow storm, probably waiting for the snow to stop 😉
red fox snow landscape scene winter white cold
Red fox in a snow covered scene, looking behind in this typical foxy way
fox snow vulpes vulpes winter cold white flakes
Red Fox playing with snow

5 thoughts on “18. Foxes, Snow & National Geographic

  1. Hi, love these photos. I’m looking for an image to fit the title “Dancing in the Snow” for a kickstarter campaign. Do you have some fox photos, or other photos of animals or people frolicking in the snow that you might be willing for me to use for this purpose? I am a composer, and am raising funds for a concert. I’d be happy to pay for use of an appropriate image. (I have an image up temporarily at the website I’ve identified, but am not using it for the campaign as I can’t find out who took ti!)

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