6. A Fox Fantasy: Red fox in the snow

snow fox red fox vulpes vulpes snowing cold white winter snowstormAround a year ago I had this little dream….to meet a fox some day.
Not only spotting him from a far distance, not catching only a glimpse of his tail, but really seeing one.
And secretly I hoped that on that day, I might be able to take some nice photographs, too.
And very very secretly I hoped I would find this fox in a beautiful, natural environment and I guess I must have had some very secret fantasies about finding a fox in the snow.
But, realizing that both foxes and snow are not the most common thing here, I knew this perfect combination would be quite a challenge to find and it might take a while to realize this dream.

I decided to try our luck and went to a beautiful Dutch dune area.
Although the whole country was covered with snow at that moment, I managed to find one of the few snowless spots.
The nature was gorgeous nonetheless, the weather was perfect, so I  didn’t really miss the snow.

All of a sudden, totally against all weather forecasts, it started to snow like it would never end.
In two hours the green trees and yellow sheer disappeared under 15 cm white blanket and I found myself in an indescribably beautiful world. (and I managed to find my way back through all this whiteness, too :))

And then,just when I least expected it…a fox popped out of the bushes and came walking out of the forest right towards me…!
It had gotten cloudy at this time and it was still snowing heavily, so this surely isn’t the best quality ever, but this magical scene is burned in my memory for ever….

And concerning the photographs, I got my second chance, I surely grabbed it with both hands…!
To be continued…..

red fox vulpes vulpes winter cold snow snowing white
Red Fox in the winter snow

13 thoughts on “6. A Fox Fantasy: Red fox in the snow

  1. that was live a sign from somewhere that you are being watched and loved or soemthign, cause something that rare spontaniously happeneing is either the purest of luck or devine intervention

  2. of course like your website but you have to take a look
    at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth
    however I’ll certainly come back again.

    1. Glad to read you like my site and I can imagine you have some trouble reading it.
      I’m Dutch and my English isn’t that good.
      But if I would write in my own language (which I’m very good at!), not many would understand I guess 😉
      So I try to share my thoughts and feelings in a more international language and according to languages and spelling: all help is welcome, so feel free to correct me 😀


  3. I have just discovered your photography and I am totally mesmerised by its simplicity and beauty. Is there a site that I could buy some prints?
    Kind regards, Judy Stobbs

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